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Oil Changes

When it comes to trouble free car care, few things are as important as fluids and engine oil. Bringing your vehicle in for an oil changes regularly will give your car better mileage and a longer life, plus it will save you money by lowering your costs.


The clearances between metal engine parts can be as little is .0010". The oil keep the metal parts from touching. But even with oil between the metal parts, the spinning creates heat. In addition to lubricating the parts, the oil also carries the heat away. 

But oil also has several key additives. It has a detergent that keeps dirt suspended so it can move the dirt to the oil filter. Without detergent, the crud would either stay in place or settle at the bottom of the oil pan. Oil also has anti-friction additives that melt out of the oil if metal ever does touch, so it's kind of "self healing." Oil also contains anti-corrosion additives that prevent metal parts from corroding. Finally, it contains an anti-foaming agent to prevent bubbles when it's whipped up by moving metal parts. 

Regular oil is also made up of several different weights of oil. As you put on the miles, the lighter weight oils get burned off, leaving only the heavier oils. That's why car makers want you to use synthetic--the molecules are the same size.

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